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Pepper Sprays for Home Defense
Pepper sprays are usually thought of as a personal protection tool on the streets; however, they can and should play a key role in defense of your residence, according to this article. If you must confront an intruder at home, an effective fogger pepper spray can be used directly on the intruder or an area contaminate to provide a barrier that enables you to escape. Four factors determine effective home defense with pepper sprays: placement and immediate availability; ability to retreat to a safe place and call for help; developing a defense plan that includes all residents, and practicing the planned response. Regarding locations, the bedside and main entrances are primary, and the larger the residence the more locations to account for. You can hide the sprays, and use Velcro if you need to place it in an unusual place. Also note that for home use, the best kind of pepper spray is a fogger so that the fog hands in the air and gives you time to escape.

Training a Protection Dog
In this post by dog trainer and book author Kathy Diamond Davis, she discussed the different kinds of protection dog. This includes being a junkyard guard dog, night watchman, a watchdog, and a bodyguard dog. Davis explained the important do’s and don’ts of dog training for each one of them. However, she warned the public about the danger when people use dogs as babysitter. As added information, there are some tips regarding the appropriate characteristics and physical appearance of dogs that are fit for the job. For people who are afraid of dogs, Kathy suggested some dog repellants.

Advise on Identity Theft Security
Some burglars are now targeting more than just jewelry and electronics. This class of thieves wants to break into your house to steal your identity - your social security number, credit card numbers, or any other information that enables them to commit fraud or theft. Whenever you go on vacation or leave your house for an extended period of time, it's important to protect your computer and keep important documents safe. Here are some home security tips for vacationers: 1) examine your house from the street and make sure no valuables, like expensive electronics or artwork, are visible from the street, 2) if a passerby can see your belongings, so can criminals, 3) lock and fasten all doors and windows, 4) doors should have deadbolt locks with a one-inch throw and reinforced strike plate, 5) secure sliding glass doors; place a metal rod or piece of plywood in the track to prevent an intruder from forcing the door open, 6) always lock the door to your attached garage, 7) make it appear that you're home - use timers on lights, radios, and televisions, 8) keep the perimeter of your home well lighted; you can do this by installing low-voltage outdoor lighting, 9) never leave clues that you are away; ask a neighbor to collect your mail and newspapers, or ask for them to be held, 10) don't let mail sit in your mailbox; there could be credit card and bank statements that contain information an identity thief would love to have, and 11) maybe ask a neighbor to park in your driveway so it appears someone is home.

San Diego News 8 CrimeFighters
The website for San Diego's New 8 maintains a section called CrimeFighters, dedicated to Helping to Make San Diego a Safer Place to Live. The site provides a wealth of information. Many of the stories are of value and interest for people outside of San Diego. For example, stories cover making "mobile blogging" safer for kids, an online sex offender website, carjacking, the high cost of DUI arrest,and more. The site includes special features, such as consumer alerts (e.g., Internet phones, glass tables), an identity theft tip sheet, safety tips for senior citizes, how to protect yourself against domestic violence, how to protect yourself against violent crime, and a lot of information for protecting your child (covering fingerprint cards, do-it-yourself DNA sampling kits, making kits stranger savvy, keeping kids safe at school and play and at home alone). Finally, there is a resource section of information from other sites.



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