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Must-Know Hotel Industry Indicators for Investors
Market Realist is your one stop solution if you are an investor and want to obtain a fair idea about the U.S. hotel industry. The overview gives us an idea about the yearly turnover of the hotel industry and a number of properties that are treasured under this sector. Further, we come to know about the approximate percentage of leisure vacationers that make up the hotel industry. The various indicators included here give investors an idea to evaluate the standard trends. Based on these trends, they can determine the success rate of a specific hotel. The article also educates about the practices through which an investor can attain exposure to hotel stocks.

The Top Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites by The College Investor
This article by The College Investor educates readers about the best real estate crowdfunding sites. As we know, real estate investment is an appropriate choice for money makers. The article familiarizes you with what real estate crowdfunding is, how it works, and how can you make money through it. Besides, you will also come to know about the different companies like Realtyshares and Prodigy Network that gives you a wealth of property options. P2P real estate investment seems to be a good option for accredited investors. While investments call for greater risks, but then as well all know the greater the risks, the more are your chances of getting rewards.

Spanish House Prices Rising, and Foreigners Are Buying
Global Property Guide educates its readers about the rise in the price of Spanish residential properties in this article. The statistical data over the year is a clear indication that the housing market in Spain is recovering. And, with this rise in prices, Spain never fails to welcome international real estate investors. The Bank of Spain reports stronger house price rises and this inflation was chiefly driven by overseas real estate investors. As of now, Britons rules the foreign homebuyers list in Spain followed by the French, Germans, and Swedish buyers. The increase in percentage is expected to increase by 5%, thereby adding to the wealth of the economy.

Hotel Law Blog
Global Hospitality Group in this blog discusses the recent consolidation in the hotel industry and its impact to various stakeholders. The article discusses how the group conducted a survey so as to keep a track of the different opinions of the stakeholders. The survey touched upon important topics such as the impact of hotel mergers on your business, the various benefits that come with these mergers, the prospective concerns about hotel consolidation, and how to make the most of these opportunities. Besides, you will also get a brief idea about the different hurdles that you may experience and the effective ways to overcome the same.

Crowdfund Insider
Crowdfund Insider focuses on the recent exemption introduced under Title IV of the JOBS Act. Congress and SEC were the first to initiate Regulation A Plus so as to help issuers make money. Different companies like Myomo are taking up the initiative to fill up the 1 A form to use Regulation A Plus and increase their funds. However, everything has its own pros and cons, and the same holds of Reg A Plus. Tripoint Global, a successful investment banking company has carved a niche for its BANQ and strongly believes that Reg A Plus is the future of IPOs. As we read further, the discord between regulation and implementation is also evident. The article focuses on important issues like whether the start-ups too can enjoy Reg A Plus recognition to increase capital or not. Other queries related to this redemption have been answered justifiably by Mark Elenowitz.

10 Best Real Estate Markets to Invest in Now
With innumerable real estate markets popping up every new day, this article by Money Crashers guides you the right way. Here, the Top 10 real estate markets to invest have been jotted down for your convenience. But then, before you invest in a real estate property, make sure to keep a track on your savings. Once done with that, consider your priorities and choose any location to invest in. For instance, even a few years ago, there was a surge in real estate prices in Miami; however, things have stabilized to a considerable extent as property value has dropped by 35%. The article directs you the right way so that you can make smart decisions and invest in a good property.

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