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What do lighting designers, homeowners, contractors and scientists and the average curious Joe have in common? They would all benefit from visiting the LUX website, which features everything there is to know about lighting. Unlike other sites, LUX does not just offer articles about lighting designs and lighting schemes; it also presents information that will be helpful not just to those looking to improve their lighting, but to anyone who has a stake on lighting, in general: inventors, lighting fixture manufacturers, commercial owners, and even app developers. Light and building innovations, clever apps for lighting, human-centric lighting, and light fidelity (Li-Fi) technology are just some of the topics discussed in the most recent articles on the site.

New Trends in Commercial Lighting
Not many businesses pay attention to lighting, which is why it is considered as one of the most overlooked aspects of a business. However, commercial lighting can make or break a business, as it can affect not just the design and the look of a certain commercial structure. Lighting can affect employee performance, sales, and even security. It is because of this that business owners must pay attention to the kind of lighting they use in their businesses. In this article, business owners will read the various new trends in lighting up commercial spaces. The use of more efficient bulbs, attractive lighting fixtures, and energy-conserving lighting schemes are some of the trends mentioned.

History of the Light Bulb
This article traces the history of the lightbulb from Thomas Alva Edison's first incandescent bulb to today's neon and other types of lights far beyond anything that even Thomas Edison envisioned. Today light bulbs have different wattages, they can be dimmed, and come in many different sizes and shapes. The uses for light bulbs has also expanded far beyond Edison's earliest dreams. Today light bulbs are used for everything from indoor and outdoor lighting, to garden lighting, and even special bulbs for light therapy, replicating daylight and elevating mood and emotional states. The recent development of E-on lighting even helps to reduce negative ions in the atmosphere. With all the different sizes and kinds of lightbulbs there are today, fidning the perfect bulb for the job can seem like an overwhelming task. This site also covers what to look for in a lightbulb retailer and has helpful suggestions on how to make your lightbulb decisions easier.

Discover Lighting Through Infographics by Sylvania
Sylvania is one of the leading brands that provide LED light bulbs and traditional light fixtures. With over 100 years of experience in providing light solutions to more than 120 countries in the world, Sylvania is undoubtedly an authority when it comes to lighting. This website is a huge source of information. It provides info not just on its products, but also on the science of lighting. On this page alone, one can find three very informative and useful infographics on lighting. What Is Light presents facts about lighting; Let There Be Light lists ten ways light impacts human life, while A Recipe For Good Lighting gives tips on how to properly light up a space.

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