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Kids' Room Decorating Ideas from
The website for Parents magazine provides lots of information for decorating kids' rooms. One article makes the point that decorating a kid's room will be your most fun decorating projects, because, Where else can you paint with crazy color, stencil a raceway on a wall and go crazy with posters? The site offers ideas and information on decorating with different themes, organizers, funky furniture, wall decoration, and many other decorative touches such as an alligator dimmer switch, a hockey stick curtain rod, and ideas for drawer knows, valances, lamp shades, bed curtains and more.

Great Source of Home Designing Tips is a website dedicated to provide useful tips and bright ideas when it comes to modern interior design and the latest architectural innovations. It has several sections, where each section focuses on designing specific areas inside the house such as living room, bedroom, kids' room, kitchen, and even bathroom. Every article comes with colorful photos of inspiring interior design ideas. There is also a section where articles are about decorating items, including house plants, wallpapers, murals, and curtains. Another section serves as a great source of ideas for designing house furniture items such as tables and chairs.

Electric Outdoor Fireplaces: Modern Version of a Traditional Home Feature
To find out how electric outdoor fireplaces have evolved over the years, check out this informative article. It explains the original purpose that interior fireplaces served and provides some information about the options available to modern homeowners. It's an interesting read, whether you are interested in electric outdoor fireplaces or traditional wood-burning models.

Huge Source of Stunning Home Interior Designs
This section at has 20 sub-sections where each section is focused on interior design ideas on specific rooms inside the house. This includes living room, kids' room, kitchen, home office, foyer, fireplace, and even basement. Each article is accompanied with stunning photos of the design. One of the recent entries is the so-called heavenly and gorgeous warehouse-like home design by well-known Italian interior designer, Paola Navone. Another recent entry is the Urban Apartment Decorating Style model house in Ljubljana, Slovenia, created by GAO Architects. There is also an article showing one of the suites at Boutique Tower, in Tel Aviv, Israel, where the interior was designed by Ando Studio.

Get Tips for Do-It-Yourself Gothic Design
Funky, gothic home décor for the morbidly inclined. If Martha Stewart were really gothic, color is the only thing she'd have to change. Her central ideas are already well-suited to the gothic subculture. Martha adores finding old linens and gently worn furniture at flea markets. She sews a lot of her own household dressings. She paints and experiments with unusual painting techniques on objects small and large. She loves flowers, live and dried. Her style flirts with Victorian, Art Deco, and modern elements and frequently mixes them into a very beautiful mishmash. And even though her surroundings look very rich, many of her ideas are created from rather simple and inexpensive materials, like fabric scraps and secondhand dishes. Themes explored on the website are Victorian, medieval, techno-modern, cemetery, fairy, Asian, Egyptian and punk. If you want to design your home with flair, this site will give you good ideas.

100 Leading Interior Designers Reveal Decorating Secrets
This slideshow page at was prepared by Lisa Cregan. It is a very huge compilation of decorating tips from 100 experts, including Christopher Peacock, Myra Hoefer, Carleton Varney, Benjamin Dhong, Anthony Baratta, and many more. Peter Dunham suggests that a white wall should be accompanied with art. On the other hand, Richard Mishaan says a small painting above the sofa should be placed a bit to the left, and not in the center. When buying fabric, J. Randall Powers strongly recommends having an allowance of two yards on the last order. David Easton then suggests reversing fabric of one of its side is strong.

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