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Home Office Decoration
Choose a desk or table that coordinates with the style of the room. While you can settle for your typical Staples or Office Depot type desk, why not choose one that blends right in with the decor of the room? This article shows pictures of a home office, featuring a small contemporary desk that folds down from a wall. There are many places one can designate as the work area, but to do it properly, keep in mind that it's not going to be very functional if you don't carefully define the space as your "office". Gives tips and ideas for decorating a home office, with emphasis on home office storage and keeping your home office clutter free.

Top 5 Home Office Solutions
According to this site the home office has evolved from a simple desk and a chair from which to pay a few bills to, in many cases, a complete business structure with computers, fax machines, scanners, and all the other trappings of a modern office. This transformation calls for new thinking on the part of the home office worker as it applies to creating a space that is both functional as well as compatible with the rest of the home. Tips include first finding a place that will accommodate your needs. If your needs are small then your space can be small, but if your needs are extensive you should not try to crowd a large office into a small space. Find a way to accommodate the space that is actually needed to get the job done. There are also tips on choosing the right furniture, ways to simplify and organize and even ways to make a statement with your office. The second part of the article deals extensively with the economics of setting up an office and has a multitude of tips for organizing and creating an office space on a budget. Whether you need a small space for paying bills and catching up on a bit of extra work from the office, or whether you are running a multimillion dollar internet business, this site has the information you need to get your home office set up and running smoothly. MailersMVP offers a best-price guarantee on mailing software for bulk mail marketing programs, such as Postalsoft Desktop Mailer and A-Qua Mailer by Lorton Data.

Bright Ideas for Home Office Lighting
One way to avoid uniform levels of lighting is to use indirect lighting sources. A fixture that reflects off of the ceiling back down into the space is the least glaring and most comforting for the eyes. If the area around your monitor is not well lit, there will be a contrast between the bright computer screen and the darkness of the room, which will certainly create eyestrain after awhile. To avoid this situation, try "washing" the wall behind your computer with a recessed "wall washer", a light fixture that looks like a regular light that would project light down the wall. Article also discusses paint choices for the home office, as well as halogen bulbs and general office décor and themes

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