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Ideas for Better Gardening (02)

You Grow Girl
This cleverly titled website dishes the dirt on everything and anything garden-related. You can start by browsing the articles, which contain helpful gardening tips and advice. You can read plant journals. Check out the Garden area which contains information on starting a garden, as well as garden design. The Grow section discusses plants and how to care for them. Surf on over to Explore to gain information on the "fascinating world of plants". Or "Play" in the section that focuses on plant art, toys, downloads and other fun things. Not often found in garden sites, the "Use" section tells you how to prepare, cook, eat and use what your garden gave you.

Gardening Articles by Diane Linsley
Flowers bring color to the world, which is why many people want to grow them. But growing flowering plants is more than just putting seeds in a pot of soil, watering them and then waiting for them to sprout. Growing and keeping a flower garden can be a big challenge for the uninitiated. Fortunately, one can find a wealth of information in this resource, which provides links to articles by Diane Linsey. Article topics include seed sowing, the purpose of flowering plants, ideas for designing a flower garden, plants that are grown for special conditions, and gardening advice. One will surely have n easier time starting a garden with this resource.

Include an Outdoor Garden Fountain to Make Your Home a Happy Haven for Birds
When the days start getting shorter, people start to think about spending more time indoors. Birds that winter in snowy climates don't have this luxury, but that doesn't mean that you can't make the area around your home a safe haven for your feathered friends during the cold winter months. From placing well-stocked feeders out to adding an outdoor fountain, birdbath, or pond, you can get tips for attracting birds to your home on a year-round basis. If you put up a bird house, you may find that you have some small tenants taking up residence before too long.

Indoor Plant Grow Lights
Horticultural lighting systems allow you to extend the growing season by providing your plants with an indoor equivalent to sunlight. This is a great advantage for those who want a year-round supply of fresh flowers, veggies and herbs. Artificial lighting is also a great way to jump-start spring by starting your seedlings months ahead of the last frost. There are three main types of horticultural lighting systems. This website gives a little detail about metal halide lighting, high pressure sodium lighting and fluorescent plant grow lights.

Home Hydroponics
This guide but out by Virginia Tech and Virginia State University includes information about using hydroponics at home. Growing plants hydroponically is not difficult if a person takes the time to learn the basics. As long as plant growth requirements are met, there are numerous hydroponic systems that can be used. The guide discusses hydroponic garden lighting. For an indoor system, one must provide an adequate light source and good air circulation. Metal halide lamps, sodium vapor lamps, grow-lights, or fluorescent lights used in conjunction with incandescent light bulbs provide adequate light to effectively grow plants. Hydroponic gardeners also use pH kits and modifiers to monitor and respond to their plants, as discussed in the nutrient solutions section. Types of systems, such as the Nutrient Film Technique and Aeroponics, are also discussed and briefly explained.

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