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Ideas for Better Gardening (01)

31 Gardening Resources for Beginners by Accidental Hippies
Gardening is not just a pleasurable and relaxing hobby; it also paves the way for a better, more productive, self-sufficient and sustainable life. This is why interest in gardening has been growing steadily. However, it can be difficult to know where or how to start. Fortunately, Accidental Hippies provides beginning gardeners 31 online gardening resources in this lengthy post. Here one can find links to online courses, beginner guides, container gardening, and a permaculture and garden planning. These links give information on gardening mistakes, homesteading, the cost of starting and keeping a garden, garden basics and a whole lot more.

Plants Are the Strangest People Blog
Plants Are the Strangest People is a blog owned and updated by Mr_Subjunctive, who has a total of 1581 houseplants. A former worker at a family-owned garden center in Iowa City, Mr_Subjunctive writes about his indoor plants, which are composed mostly of anthuriums and schlumbergeras. Readers are sure to find in this humorous journal a lot of information about the said indoor plants. But more than that, one would find entertainment in the way the blogger writes about his houseplants, even giving them names such as Roxy-Cotton Candy, Manny Nuff, and Feet of Clay based on their characteristics – which are discussed in detail in the various blog entries.

Hydroponics Forum
This is a forum where you can post questions relating to hydroponics and get answers from other hydroponic gardeners. Good hydroponic gardening tips are also available. Topics include, drip timing, nutrient problems, curly tomato leaves, indoor micro-green production, algae control, ozone generators, growing plants, hydroponic lamps and water temperatures.

Online Gardening Tips from Bloom Garden Design
This beautiful site, which has been created by Bloom Garden Design, you can receive many garden tips, including designing your entrance. Sign up for the free newsletter to get "hot tips" every month. A section on Landscape projects covers everything from patio garden entrance to commercial building landscaping. Bloom Garden Design even offers their own gardens services.



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