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Juke Boxes
This is a commercial web site,, which offers the opportunity to find and to buy or rent vintage or new jukeboxes as well as vinyl records that were once featured in jukeboxes. There is an extensive database of 45-rpm vinyl records for purchase. There are also links to websites where one can buy vinyl records, find the history of jukeboxes, the history of vinyl records, an extensive links section to jukebox websites, as well as record accessories and antique jukeboxes.

So You Wanna Play Poker
Poker is one of the most popular of all card games and one of the oldest. There are various types of poker, each poker variety having its own specific rules and playing (and betting) strategy, but all poker games have a few things in common. Collectively poker games are known as vying games, which means that players conceal cards from one another in the hopes of arranging their cards into a better hand than their opponent's, thereby winning the round of play. One of the attractions of poker is the element of betting, a way of keeping monetary score for determining who is the better player. Learn the history of poker, from its cloudy and murky beginnings right through the present day. Learn the rules of various poker games and learn how to play various types of poker games, including five card, draw, stud, Texas Hold 'Em and more. Learn poker strategy, including bluffing, sandbagging (intentional slow play), mathematical probability, game theory, psychology and more. If poker is your game, or if you have ever dreamed of having the advantage when you sit down at a card table, there is little about the game that this site doesn't cover.

GambleCraft is all about gambling: history, rules, analysis and strategy. It has tutorials for learning casino games and provides reviews of popular games, as well as links to software learning and playing games like poker, blackjack, craps, and roulette at home, and a link to read the web pages in Russian. It has other interesting information, such as the history of specific casino games. Roulette, for example, is a French word meaning "small wheel." One legend has Blaise Pascal inventing a wheel and his friend suggesting they use it for gambling. Another legend has a Monte Carlo casino owner inventing it by selling his soul to the devil to obtain the secret - according to that legend, that's why the numbers on the roulette wheel add up to 666. Roulette wheels started appearing in France in the late 18th century. Now roulette wheels are in every casino in the world.

The History of Roulette
The term "Roulette" is derived from a French word meaning small wheel. The origin of Roulette is not very clear. While some sources state that Blaise Pascal, a 17th Century French mathematician invented the roulette wheel, other sources state that the game originated in China and was brought to Europe by Dominican monks who were trading with the Chinese. However, the single "0" modification was rejected in America and the two zeros "00" where returned to the Roulette wheel. The Roulette wheel gained a great deal of popularity in America during the California Gold Rush. Site also includes roulette playing information, types of roulette, a table layout, a roulette glossary, live roulette and roulette news.



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