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Ceramic Tiling: a How-to Photo Guide
A one-stop shopping site for all of your ceramic tile needs. Everything from do-it-yourself ceramic tile basics, installation techniques, ceramic tile design concepts, and ceramic tile maintenance information is offered. Photos enhance the simplicity of undertaking tiling. Personal tips provide additional dos and don'ts to assist home improvers with their ceramic tile questions. Links to product manufacturers are included for online ceramic tile shoppers.

National Wood Flooring Association
The National Wood Flooring Association website has sections of information for consumers, including a searchable database of flooring professionals, an interactive design studio, and a design elements section offer visitors the chance to learn more about their wood flooring needs. There's also a species gallery to check out the various wood species available in terms of appearance, hardness and price. Types of flooring include plank, strip and parquet flooring. There's also a maintenance section that includes tips for removing stains and burns from wax and surface finished floors, as well as a Frequently Asked Questions section regarding repair, maintenance, environmental benefits, and the application of hardwood floors in your own.

Your New Workbench: A Simple, Inexpensive Project
When you need a basic workbench, you can make one with plywood. This may not be a heavy-duty option, but it does give you a flat surface to work on when the kitchen table is no longer an option and when you haven't built your ultimate workbench in your basement yet. Get the instructions you need by visiting this informative site.

Home DIY Repairs and Projects Made Easy
If you want to do some home repairs but you're hesitant to do them because you think they are difficult, this huge list of easy-to-follow tips can help you. This includes how to repair a leaking toilet, how to fix your damaged garbage disposal unit, and how to refinish your deck. There are also links to different category pages on such as painting, plumbing, gardening, and electrical. On these sections, you can read tutorials on tons of home projects for your kitchen, bathroom, driveways, and other parts of the house.

Roofing and Waterproofing: Construction, Codes, Insulation
From, a plethora of information on how to build a roof, including all codes to finish the job. Topics covered include trusses, layout, framing, sheathing the roof, soffits, felt, gutters, shingles and a checklist and glossary. Miscellaneous roofing articles cover such topics as fallproofing a roof, framing hip roofs, how to buy roofing, ice dames, mold growth, roof flashing, rubber roofs, slate roofs, ventiliation, water holes, why roofs leak, and roof inspection and certification. The site offers a discussion forum on roofing and waterproofing issues.

DIY Home Improvement Tips and Ideas from
If you plan to create designs for your home, check out these DIY home projects at Here, you can watch their huge collection of videos featuring H&H style experts and home designers with their own creative works and how they created them. You will be inspired with their photo gallery of DIY ideas for your home improvement. Among them are floating shelves, bedroom headboards, and a chalkboard kitchen wall. There are also easy-to-follow procedures for most of their projects such as kitchen and bathroom accessories, wallpaper, flooring, furniture, and living room decorative items.


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