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14 Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do for Less Than $10
If you think decorating your home is expensive, check out this 14 home improvement projects that will cost you less than $10. In fact, some of them will not even cost you a single penny. For example, you can rearrange your furniture or reorganize your bookshelf. If you have a collection of old but gorgeous China set wares, why not display them on your empty wall? On the other hand, you can also create your own decorative trays, transform your coffee table, make pillow covers made from inexpensive but wonderful fabric, or replace your glass cabinet doors., an Internet company for the kitchen and bath industry, offers a wealth kitchen design and remodeling information, in the formats of featured articles, slideshows, photo galleries, design boards, blogs, and more. You can see and learn about designer kitchens and how to finance kitchens. There are many designer photo galleries by style, e.g., traditional, luxury, transitional, country, contemporary, outdoor, and inspirational. One section shows common kitchen layouts. The site also features kitchens you can visit, new products and designs, an interactive kitchen guide, and home and kitchen styles. You can search for a designer by state and explore manufacturers' web sites. In addition, the site has an online shop. There are virtual tours and pictures and a place to request literature. You can sign up for the site's newsletter.

Installing Laminate Flooring
This how-to article on DIY Network shows and tells you how to remove carpeting and install laminate flooring. It provides the tools and materials you'll need. It's truly a step-by-step guide, offering 21 steps, from pulling up the carpet and removing the baseboard, to leveling and cleaning and acclimating the flooring, to laying the first piece and making the first cut, to installing baseboards and shoe molding. Photos and explanations are provided for each step. The whole project took less than eight hours to complete and cost only about $200.

Build a Shadow Box Cabinet Coffee Table
Find out how to build a replica of a Noguchi coffee table at this informative site. You will also discover how to build a shadow box cabinet coffee table. Be sure to check out the links to other utility table pages.

Building a Tabletop Fountain is a Simple DIY Project
Not only will you discover the benefits of placing a tabletop fountain in your home by visiting this informative site, but you will find detailed instructions so you can build your own! Discover how you can use a container you already have in your home as the base for your fountain, the health benefits of adding a tabeltop fountain to your decorating scheme, and how to prepare rocks from your own garden for including in the final display. Once you have completed your own objet d'art, the handy maintenance tips provided here will help you keep it running smoothly for some time.

Drywall and Plaster Repair Tips on
Drywall and plaster are two most common forms of interior wall materials. In this special page of, you will learn how to install, repair, and preserve them. Most of the topics come with an instructional video. There is also a Q&A section where some related questions are answered. Among them are how to correct mildew problems on closet with plaster walls, why builders don't use fire-rated drywall, and how to remove textured plaster over wallpaper. A separate article contains the top ten frequently asked questions about home maintenance, and the answers from experts.

Interiors and Sources Magazine
This is the site of Interiors and Sources: Your source for innovative design solutions and intelligent strategies, a monthy magazine about critical commercial and residential interior design and architecture issues. The magazine also seeks to be "the authority" on environmentally friendly "green" design. The site offers an email newsletter, article archives, links to related sites, and a place to subscribe. It also has news, an interior design video talk show, upcoming events, conferences, a place to buy, and featured products.


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