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Which Renovations Give You the Most Return for Your Money
Decisions about whether to renovate your home need to be made carefully. Find out which ones will give you the best return for the money you spend on them by checking out this informative article from This Old House. Find out why you should be putting your funds into the kitchen and bathroom areas, and why a swimming pool may not be the best choice from a resale standpoint. Helpful tips, such as why you should be considering a facelift in your kitchen rather than a complete upgrade, the value of choosing classic colors and why it's impportant to consider the value of your home relative to your neighborhood are included. The article goes on to caution against over-renovating and explain that the length of time the owner intends to stay on the propert is an important consideration before staring a major renovation project.

Tips on Wallpaper
This is the site of Hirshfield's, a Minnesota-based decorating products business that's fourth-generation family owned since 1894. The section on wallpaper offers many tips and instructions on installation, preparation, removal, and care. A list of links covers a variety of wallpapering situations. A do-it-yourself section has design tips and trends, removal and preparation products, and removal and installation tips. You can also shop for wallpapers and borders, new collections, and specialty home décor with search tools and shopping carts. A search tool by zip code will let you find retailers, professional installers, and professional designers near you.

Build Your Own Colonial Spice Cabinet
People who are interested in building their own colonial spice cabinet can get valuable tips by visiting this informative web site. You will find detailed instructions, including recommendations about tools and cuts posted here. Front and side detail are provided, along with the approximate cost to complete the project.

Insulating an Unfinished Attic
This web page takes you through step by step instructions on insulating an attic. Detailed diagrams and animation are provided, as well as guides to skill level and approximate time needed to complete tasks. The site also provides a list of tools and materials, as well as links to manufacturers.

How to Build a Workbench
Building a workbench is a simple do-it-yourself woodworking project. Popular Mechanics offers plans and instructions for building a workbench that even beginning woodworkers can tackle. his model includes a sliding drawer and you can put it together in a weekend. A detailed materials list is included for your convenience. Once you master this version, your next project could be an open leg workbench.

Home Improvement, Renovations and Cleaning Tips on brings you its huge collection of home improvement, renovation and cleaning tips. Among them are how to clean your gas range, casserole dishes, copper cookware, windows, shower head, shower curtain liners, tarnished silverware, and your entire house inside and out. If you have pet or someone in the family has allergies, there are also some reminders for you. Here, you will learn how to prepare your home for different seasons such as spring and summer. There are also buying guides for fences, garage doors, air conditioner, and other home items.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Roofs But Were Afraid to Ask
Roof has you covered when it comes to roofs and roofing information. Check out the Library for informative and professional articles on everything from ice dams, black mold, insulation failure, proper ventilation, how to determine the proper slope for your roof, a good list of building codes, how to deal with algae discoloration, information on how to know when an old roof needs to be removed or simply covered over, lists of roofing associations and testing organizations, and how to make your roof "winter proof". There is also a Glossary of roofing terms, Hints & Tips, Frequently Asked Questions, and an email grab bag of the most common questions asked by Do-It-Yourselfers and the answers, descriptions of different kinds of roofs with helpful hints on what might be best for your particular situation, questions and answers about contractors, and a whole lot more to make your roofing experience as fast, as easy, and as economical as possible.


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