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Kitchen & Bath Design News
Kitchen & Bath Design News on the Web, the leading magazine for the kitchen and bath design industry. It contains feature articles, columns, industry trends, products, a products showcase, buyer's guide, and classified ads. Although a trade publication, the product and trend information and feature articles will be of interest to consumers and designers.

Knockdown and Mobile Workbenches Provide Flexibility to DIYers
When you want the flexibility of having another workbench in your garage or shop but you don't have enough space for a heavy-duty workbench, consider a knockdown model. As this site points out, you can assemble one in about a minute for times when you want a larger surface to work on. In between times, this style of workbench can be folded and stored against a wall. A detailed diagram showing how the legs of this workbench are held together with interlocking notches and a handy cutting diagram is also provided.

Would You Like to Learn How to Make Your Own Tabletop Fountain? Find Out Here!
Building your own tabletop fountain doesn't have to be an intimidating experience. You can create your own stress-reducing object that you can place on your desk or in your home for lasting enjoyment. From looking for tabletop fountain ideas to selecting a container and assembling the rocks or shells you will use as accents, you will get the information you need here. Install a pump and insert the plastic tubing, and your tabletop fountain is good to go! Take your time and experiment with different effects before you place your fountain where you are planning to display it.

NKPA - National Kitchen + Bath Association
The National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKPA) site reaches out to non-member consumers with a directory to local NKBA professionals that can be searched. It also offers an Inspiration Gallery that is very extensive and quite inspiring and sure to generate ideas for your own needs. There is a learning center with resources for homeowners as well as professionals. Iin the consumer section, you can sign up for an NKBA consumer newsletter offering the latest kitchen and bath trends and tips for your remodel project. You can also Ask a Professional questions about kitchen and bath projects. Finally, the section offers a Kitchen & Bath Planners feature where you can get feedback from professional planners to help you define your project, finalize a budget, and select and NKBA professional to work with you.

NOFMA Guidelines for the Handling, Installation and Care of Hardwood Flooring
For more than half a century, the Wood Flooring Manufacturers Association has been setting and administering the industry standards for wood flooring. As befitting this mission, the NOFMA's site provides the basics on wood flooring for non-professionals. Information on the shrinking and expansion of wood floors, on the causes of gaps, on the cures for panelizing and the need for a vapor retarder can be found under "Tip Sheets," along with pointers for treating powderpost beetle infestation, handling and storing oak flooring, avoiding "chatter" marks, restoring flood-damaged floors. A great feature of this site is the Hardwood Strip Flooring Square Foot Java Calculator and a manual for finishing hardwood floors that includes professional answers to frequently asked questions.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas
This site features experts giving advice on the top five things to consider before remodeling the kitchen. The five things are kitchen floors, elegant countertops, proper lighting techniques, floor covering options, and cabinets. Through the site, you can get free samples, an email newsletter, and a referral to professionals. There are also articles about kitchen design.


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