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Rug News
News about the rug industry includes advertisements and links to rug resources. Rug industry news and rug trade show information is included, as are a list of rug vendor links and their websites. Another section of useful rug industry websites is also noted. A rug education tab includes information about basic rug making, classic rug text, broad perspectives in the rug business, powerful rug sales tools, Flokatis rugs, and the U.S. machine made rug industry.

Books on Carpets from Asia
Select Books of Singapore specializes in books from Asia and has many titles on carpets from Asia/Pacific, China, Central and West Asia, and others, such as Tibet, which is famous for its rugs. One book titled Of Wool and Loom: The Tradition of Tibetan Rugs is the first overview of the Tibetan rugmaking tradition to be written in English by native Tibetan authorities on the subject. Introductory material presents a brief history of Tibetan carpet and textile weaving from its earliest origins to the present, including "planted-pile" textiles, drumtse knotted-pile carpets of the Wangden Valley, and warp-backed rugs of the Lhuntse region. It next traces the emergence of Tibet as a commercial centre of carpet weaving, and reveals an insider's account of the arduous process required to learn the craft, from apprentice to master weaver. A final section gives an account of wide range of functions for which Tibetan rugs are employed -- by nomads, by the aristocracy, and by ordinary people, including special ecclesiastical and equestrian uses.

Rug and Carpet Fibers: Selection and Care
This is a University of Nebraska - Lincoln Extension publication that covers different fiber types and construction styles. For example, there are both natural and manufactured fibers used in carpeting. Wool and silk are most common for natural fibers, as cotton tends to crush and soil easily. Manufactured fibers include nylong, polypropylene/olefin and polyester. The article says that today about 99 percent of all carpet fibers are manufacturered. The article also talks about finishes, and carpet fiber care. There's a chart for carpet fiber characteristics, and references to other carpet selection information.

All About Flooring
This section about flooring on has many helpful articles filled with usable information on various types of flooring. Begin by skimming the brief article descriptions and decide if you would be interested in additional information on a particular subject. The subjects presented include exotic wood flooring, synthetic flooring, laminated flooring, hardwood flooring, stone flooring, and more. You'll find a wide range of article, on topics from how to find the right flooring for particiular environemnt and installing carpet tile, to what is basement floor sealer and how to waterproof basement flooring. There's advice on residential flooring and commercial flooring. Learn about carpet remnants, ways to make your floors last longer, the benefits of parque as a dynamic surface covering to add energy and excitement to living rooms and dens, as well as ideas for bathroom floor tiling. You'll also find interesting articles such as, Is Your Flooring Making You Sick?. It may seem unlikely, but there are actually a number of ways that your flooring can have a deleterious impact on your health. There are also numerous articles on cleaning different kinds of floors: granite floors, parquet floors laminate, hardwood, and general kitchen flooring. Several articles discuss self adhesive floor tiles. We've just scratched the surface of the wealth of information on this site.

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