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John Bridge Forum: Tile Your World
Discussion forums for knowledge and advice on installation, cleaning, restoration and other topics pertaining to ceramic, marble and stone tile for showers, bathrooms, kitchens and more.

Auto Body Repair by DIY Weekend Mechanic
Check out this DIY Weekend Mechanic episode guide to learn about auto body repair procedures. The show deals with how to handle repairs to an Alfa Romeo and viewers will find out how to handle rust and dents before filling holes, priming and repainting them. For excellent service in auto body repair Los Angeles, visit Westwood Auto Body on the west side of Los Angeles.

Make Your Own Giant Bean Bag Chairs
Get instructions for making your own huge bean bag chairs posted here. The instructions mention adding a muslin inner liner to make the finished chair more durable. The steps involved in cutting are covered, and you will also find instructions for sewing large bean bag chairs, including images you can follow.

8 Backyard Fountains You Can Make Yourself
Don't let a lack of knowledge hold you back from creating your own peaceful space, right in your own back yard. When you visit this site, you get suggestions for creating an outdoor water fountain that will draw you in time and time again. Find out why having moving water as part of your design is a way to keep mosquitos at bay, where to position your pump in the design, and what size you will need to get the effect you are looking for. You will also get a couple of valuable suggestions for adding a bit of extra dash to your design efforts.

Kitchen Refacing.Org
The site provides kitchen cabinet refacing instructions, how to and supply source information, with FAQs, help and instructions. You can also ask questions of Mr. Refacer. Instructions cover needed tools, preparing face frames and end panels for pressure-sensitive veneer, covering end panels and face frames (i.e., end panels, pressure-sensitive veneer, stiles, rails, and trimming overlap from stiles and rails), and hanging doors and drawer fronts.

How to Build an Outdoor Fire Pit for an Existing Patio
If you are interested in adding a feature that will enhance your existing patio area, consider adding a fire pit. A good strategy is to start by building a retaining wall and get tips for measuring out the area for your outdoor fire pit. Discover how to deal with sod or turf in the location you have selected for the fire pit. The type of fire pit listed here uses granite stones, and you will find out how to position a double row of them when setting it up.

The Online Guide For Do-It-Yourself Ceramic Tile Installation
This site offers instructions on do it yourself projects including tile floors, tub and shower, as well as countertops. There is also a list of resources and links to video instructions, tools, and materials. The site also features an online community forum where do it yourselfers can post questions and advice on ceramic tile projects.

Get Quality Plans for Building Your Own Folding Workbench
Building a folding workbench doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. You can find instructions for building your own mobile workbench by visiting this informative web site. Options available include a folding workbench that tucks away into the wall when not in use, one outfitted with casters so that it's fully mobile for your needs, and collapsible workbenches.


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